Cool and smart barbecue grill
Life with a large number of barbecues is happy

“I’d like to see my family’s happy face.”
That was the reason for renovating the garden.

However, my family did not gather in the garden.
It was delicious to make my family smile after all.
It ignites in a moment, with the best baking adjustment, cleaning is easy.
A cool and smart home resort party is limited to high-performance gas grills.

Father’s work at the weekend, that is …
It is to bake good meat.

Grill Lineup

Premium model

Overwhelming high performance not for forgetting other followers
The size of affordable enough to handle parties of a large number
The highest peak model enabling all grill dishes
Many used at the steakhouse

Standard model

You can enjoy a relaxing barbecue at home
While compact, necessary and sufficient high function model
Weekend with family and friends garden party
High performance gas grill for general households

Portable model

Just twist the cock both at the start and the end
Because it is a portable type, in outdoor or in the garden,
High performance gas grill with roast food
Can also be used for gas for cassette stove