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Nice to meet you, I am Koji Iwata of d.o. Landscape.

At Iwata Kenzai Co., Ltd. which is the mother body of d.o. Landscape, we have been providing external construction work and building material sales mainly for Toride City in Ibaraki Prefecture for many years.

This time, I decided to expand my office to the office as d.o. Landscape at the same time as my house with the exhibition pool in Tsukuba.
I myself lived in America for 4 years. I hope to propose and provide even a little lifestyle experienced in America.
In Japan, we will continue to provide the latest equipment such as home pool and propane gas BBQ grill, umbrella, garage, etc. which have not yet penetrated.

Recently more people are doing BBQ at home. Just 30 minutes to raise charcoal, I think that there are not many people waiting for more than an hour until charcoal disappears to clean up.
If it is a gas type BBQ grill, turn on the switch and heat it for about 10 minutes and the thick Costco steak will burn in 5 minutes. After being baked, just as it is for 3 minutes to sky fired and rub it with a brush, it is extremely easy, and the taste is different from what you baked in a frying pan.
However, until now until now there are too few companies to offer, so I think that everyone did not know.
What kind of grill? Those who think that you only have meat dresses, but if you can contact us actually burn it, I would like to eat.

In addition, I will create a plan for my garden that suits my hobby, motorcycle, person who wants to maintain a motorcycle at home, who wants to display surfboards, that person, that family.

There are quite a few when looking for an exterior construction shop.
We will do most of the construction at our company construction.
Always keep the quality constant by constructing with the same person, team.
I think that there are a lot of business operators, those who write drawings, those who manage, and those who do construction work with one company.
That is our strength.
I do not want to compromise as much as possible for the exterior that will become a lifetime.
We focus on quality at reasonable price.

I think that we can offer a garden with different sensitivity from other companies.









Koji Iwata

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Company name d.o. Landscape
Representative Koji Iwata
Address 〒305-0854
2586-1, Kamiyokoba, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
Phone 029-898-9321
Operating company Iwata Kenzai Co., Ltd.
4-3-35, hidashi, toride-shi, Ibaraki

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