Product size Outside:W178 x D195.5 x H208(cm)
Inside:W162 x D182 x H200(cm)
Packing sizeW197 x D110 x H40.5(cm)
Floor area W173.5 x D195 (cm): About 1 tsubo
Material Polypropylene
Country of origin Israel
Import source Innocent Co., Ltd.
Price 119,800yen (tax included)~(* Construction cost separately)

● It is not rusty, not rotten, it is a resin outdoor storage box which does not peel off.

● Since the shelf is on, the storage capacity will be up.

● Two bicycles are included, it is a spacious room.

● With a rain gutter, it is safe even in the rain.

● Locking is possible.

● Easy to assemble.

● UV processed.

There is a ventilation hole.

● One window is attached. You can set it in the right and left place. (Opening and closing is impossible.)

There is a skylight of lighting ●.

● 2 shelves * To be assembled, two or more people are required.
※ No warranty
(However, returns / exchanges of initial defective items will be accepted.)
* Please install on the level ground which made room for about 70 cm from the storage size.
※ In the case of basic building by spreading blocks, 50 basic blocks are required.