1.Inquiry / Request for quotation

If you are considering the garden and landscaping design please feel free to contact us from the form on our site.

2.Field survey

First of all, We will visit the site and survey. We will check the building conditions and so on.

3.Meeting regarding planning

Please tell us the desired image of completion.

4.Approximate estimate

Once the plan is decided, an approximate estimate will be prepared.

5.Detailed plan / meeting

We will meet with you on planning the details.

6.Estimate creation

Based on detailed plan, detailed estimate will be created.


Once you agree with the estimate and design content, we will grow up a contract. (* Please pay 50% of the construction amount at the time of contract)


After contract, signed and deposit paid we will start construction.

9.Regular meeting

We will make regular meetings while proceeding with construction.


On completion please make payment of remaining balance 50% of construction amount.